We work on three things.

Culture is vital to high-performance, but it's not directly actionable.
We help clients make changes in three areas to shift culture and improve performance.

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Engage workers in safety
'Compliance' and 'care'

There is no better way to engage your team than committing to eliminate worker injury. We help leaders at all levels set an example, set expectations and send people home safely every day.

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Align teams to create results
Everyone on the same page

Few things waste more time, effort and energy than mis-alignment at the top. Our Align and Commit Workshops create shared understanding, clear expectations and a specific plan of action.

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Develop leaders to reach people
Top-down and bottom-up.

Culture occurs during daily interactions with our boss. Our Front-line Leadership Development Programs teach the 'soft' skills required to influence how people think, talk and perform.

We keep it simple.

You don't need to re-invent the wheel.

We help you do the things you already do, but in a way that engages people.
Small things, done consistently, at strategic moments, can have big results.

Choose a powerful attitude.
Enroll others by talking about 'why'.
Invest in connections and conversations.
Influence through daily behavior.
Use routine activities intentionally.
We make a difference.

"Unlike other consultants I've worked with, Greg has held senior leadership positions himself, and his advice is grounded in first-hand experience. He combines credibility with a high degree of integrity and commitment to the success of his clients, making him an effective partner."

VP, Semiconductor Manufacturer

"Andy was instrumental in building strong relationships and fostering open communication within our team and our contractors. He is a dynamic speaker and excellent workshop leader. His support as a coach and thought-partner was invaluable."

Director, Energy Company

"The Humanus program has changed the way I see my job. It's really about getting people thinking. Andy helped me learn how to connect with my crew."

Foreman, Construction Contractor

“Your work has opened the door to build stronger relationships in our organization that has helped us address issues in quality, in the sequencing of our work, and in the communication of information. The engagement has been more of a Leadership Development Program for us, than a Safety Program."

Director of Quality, Aerospace

"Greg brings a unique combination of understanding large organizations and projects, on a technical level, and the more subjective and equally important leadership and organizational elements (the human side.) Greg has excelled in helping companies in their journey to develop a culture of care and concern, and a recognition that all accidents are avoidable."

COO, EPC Contractor

“The workshop I attended touched me deeply, like very, very few events have in the past. As a result, I am re-invested in my company. This has the potential to change the organization and the way we do business."

Director, Aerospace Manufacturer

"When I first heard about working with a consultant, I was concerned. I have come to see your consultants as passionate, talented and patient. I see light bulbs going off everywhere and seeing folks acting and behaving differently."

Director of Safety, Aerospace Manufacturer

"You gave us the inspiration and the tools. You are changing the world. What you are doing is making a huge difference. Our people are happier working here as a result. This would not have been possible without your help."

Director, Manufacturing Company

"That was one of the best workshops I've ever attended. We talked about real issues for once, and it wasn't just talk. I'm going to use this stuff tomorrow."

Foreman, Mechanical Contractor

"You guys never once made us feel stupid or wrong. I appreciate the way you talked about the stuff that makes us great. Sure, we need to get better, but we are doing some stuff right."

Construction Manager, Contractor
We make it easy to get started.

Want to learn more? Let us show you how we work.

Keynote Presentations
We speak on a variety of topics. Warning: there will be laughter, and participation is required.
One-day "Flash" Assessment
Invite us to meet your team, watch you work and explore what's possible.
Introductory Workshop
Gather your team for a two-hour hands-on introduction to our approach.
Phone Consultation
Let's talk. We'll ask good questions, listen well and offer a new perspective.
Let's Talk!

Tell us a bit about yourself. One of us will call within 48 hours.

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