We work on three things.

We develop leaders, teams and routines that engage people.
The result: better communication, more productivity and happier people.

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Better Leaders

Leaders at every level are spread thin:
young foremen leading younger crews; superintendents retiring before replacements are ready; executives facing greater complexity than ever.

The learn-by-doing approach takes too long, and produces uneven results.

Develop leaders at all levels, and make employee engagement your unfair advantage.

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Better Teams

You've got good people, but too many communication breakdowns: field vs office; older bosses and younger workers; owners, engineers and contractors.

Another corny team-building session won't solve the problem.

Get your team on the same page
and keep them there.

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Better Routines

You've got good processes for safety, planning, and communication; but the routines become dull, and your team pencil-whips the paper so they can get to work.

How much time do your people waste "going through the motions"?

Upgrade your daily routines so they engage your people.

We keep it simple.

You don't need to re-invent the wheel.

We help you do the things you already do, but in a way that engages people.
Small things, done consistently, at strategic moments, can have big results.

Choose a powerful attitude.
Enroll others by talking about 'why'.
Invest in connections and conversations.
Influence through daily behavior.
Use routine activities intentionally.
We make it easy to get started.

Want to learn more? Let us show you how we work.

Keynote Presentations
We speak on a variety of topics. Warning: there will be laughter, and participation is required.
Change Roadmap Sessions
Gather your team for a two-hour hands-on introduction to our approach.
Organization Assessments
Invite us to meet your team, watch you work and explore what's possible.
Phone Consultation
Let's talk. We'll ask good questions, listen well and offer a new perspective.
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