It's Time to Take On What You've Tolerated.

Leaders must accept the hardest truths in order to create the biggest change. Humanus solutions exists to awaken leaders and help them unleash the full potential of their people.


What Are You Tolerating

Disengaged and Discouraged Employees / Lack of Teamwork and Communication Breakdowns / Fractured Systems and Costly Mistakes / Injuries, Incidents and Near-misses

You know you can do better. But changing the status quo is daunting. It’s often easier to react to the problems, fight the fires, and struggle through each day. But when we do, we slowly, inevitably, put our organizations, our people and ourselves at risk.

What Has Become Intolerable for You?

What would you change if you could? How have “that’s just the way it is” and “what do you expect?” encroached on your organization? Where have small compromises and daily complacencies undermined you and your team?

When you are ready to answer these questions, Humanus Solutions is ready to stand beside you.

Who We Are

Humanus Solutions are collaborative consultants who partner with leaders to champion people-centered organizations. We help leaders engage people, by building understanding of how work is perceived, and how leaders can influence those perceptions.  

We work beside you and leaders at each level of your organization to shift the way people think, feel, talk and act. We work with and through you, your leaders and your organization to create breakthroughs in safety, effectiveness, alignment and performance.

A Practical, Proven Methodology for Transforming Culture and Creating Performance Breakthroughs

High performing organizations attend to four things – together, these create momentum – a fly-wheel of energy and commitment necessary to take on the things we’ve tolerated, to have the difficult conversations and change the patterns we’ve fallen into. We teach our clients mastery of these four areas:


Create a clear and compelling objective – often seemingly impossible from the current perspective – that is meaningful to each team-member.


Reset and reestablish a shared sense of responsibility and commitment to executing and achieving the greater mission.


Guide team members to implement new daily actions, speaking, conversations and attention that further the mission and spread the mindset.


Ensure recurring meetings, reviews and processes align with the mission, reinforce the mindset, and promote the habits.

Meet Greg

With four decades of experience in industrial construction, operations management, entrepreneurialism and public service Greg believes people want to perform, and knows the right conditions to create to make that happen.

Meet Andy

Andy has spent his career challenging the status quo, shifting mindsets and enabling high-performing teams. Andy’s leadership philosophy is summed up in his motto: “Work shouldn’t suck.”

Meet Dr. Mark Smith

Mark has spent thirty years practicing medicine. He’s committed to making a difference in the lives of health care providers and their patients.


We write for individuals who are passionate, yet feel frustrated by bureaucracy, politics and roadblocks that stand in their way . From leaders to entry level, you know you can do better. We show you how.

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What have you been tolerating? Drop us a line and tell us how you’d like to change it.

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