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Our Approach

We help clients develop five aspects of their leadership.

Effective leaders choose an attitude of responsibility, possibility and commitment.
Leaders enroll others by offering purpose, meaning and belonging.
Leaders influence others through candid, intentional connections.
Leaders set an example through small, consistent, visible behaviors.
Leaders utilize recurring group activities to build momentum and sustain change.
Our Services

We follow a practical, proven methodology to change the way perceive their work, interact with each other and perform as a team.

We help clients see themselves and their team more clearly: what's working, what's missing, what's needed, and what's next.
We lead workshops that create connection, alignment and commitment between all levels of leadership.
Executive Coaching
We increase the individual and collective capacity of managers at the top of the organization.
Leadership Development
We build the communication, coaching and influence skills of leaders on the front-lines.
'Ritual' Re-design
We help leverage daily interactions to promote the desired mindset, attention and behaviors.
Get to know us first

Not sure our approach is right for you? We get it. We offer a variety of low-cost, simple ways to get a sense of how we work and what we can do for you.

Keynote Presentations
We speak on a variety of topics and can modify our presentation to suit your needs. Warning: there will be laughter, and participation is required.
One Day Assessment
Invite us out for a day. We'll meet your team, watch you work and then lead a provocative conversation. You'll come away with a new sense of what's possible.
Gather your team. We'll facilitate a candid conversation about what's so, what's needed, and what you can do, together, to make things better.
Phone Coaching
Let's talk. We're happy to spend an hour on the phone, listening closely and suggesting new perspectives and approaches.
Ready to get to work? We're ready to help. Drop us a line.
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