We bring the 'how' to culture change.

Your toughest problems require a different solution: a human solution.

What are you ready to take on?

What would you change if you could? Where are complacency, compromise and inertia holding your organization back? When you're ready to take a stand, we're ready to stand beside you.

Worker Safety
The elimination of worker injury is a catalyst for leadership alignment and employee engagement.
Project Team Alignment
Team success requires a common goal, mutual commitment and on-going cooperation.
Employee Engagement
Performance occurs through people; high-performance requires personal responsibility and commitment.
Our Approach

We believe organizational culture is a by-product of leadership behavior. We work with leaders to increase their capacity to influence and engage their teams -- shifting the way people think and feel, as well as what they do.

We help leaders choose attitudes of responsibility, possibility and commitment.
We work with leaders to articulate a compelling "why" their work.
We help teams improve communication, collaboration and support.
We help individuals model desired behaviors through daily routines.
We help organization leverage regular activities to promote change.
How we help

We help leaders shift the way they think, talk and act. We follow a practical, proven methodology to change the way people approach their work and create breakthroughs in performance.

A candid conversation about "what's so" in your organization -- what's working, what's missing, what's needed.
Align and Commit
A one-day conversation between all levels of leadership -- resulting in a roadmap for change.
Leadership Coaching
Increasing the individual and collective effectiveness of executives and managers.
Front-line Leader Development
Helping supervisors influence how team-members think, as well as what they do.
Meeting Re-design
Making your regular team activities more efficient and effective.
Who we are

The Humanus Solutions team combines industry experience with consulting expertise and a passion for people-centric organizations.

Greg Landrum
Four decades of experience in industrial construction, operations management, entrepreneurialism and public service.
Andy Erickson
Three decades of experience in manufacturing management, lean manufacturing and management consulting to global clients.
Dr. Mark Smith
Vascular surgeon with thirty years practicing medicine, operating medical practices and consulting to health care organizations.
Rhumbix provides construction data collection and management solutions that empower leaders and engage front-line teams.
Leadership Circle
Leadership Circle provides cutting-edge assessment and 360-degree feedback tools for individuals and organizations.
Root + River
Root + River helps clients express their most-authentic selves through branding. More than marketing, Root + River develops the capacity of their clients to lead.

"Unlike other consultants I've worked with, Greg has held senior leadership positions himself, and his advice is grounded in first-hand experience. He combines credibility with a high degree of integrity and commitment to the success of his clients, making him an effective partner."

Bill Sheppard, Intel

"Andy was instrumental in building strong relationships and fostering open communication within our team and our contractors. He is a dynamic speaker and excellent workshop leader. His support as a coach and thought-partner was invaluable."

Tim Weber, Devon Energy

“Your work has opened the door to build stronger relationships in our organization that has helped us address issues in quality, in the sequencing of our work, and in the communication of information. The engagement has been more of a Leadership Development Program for us, than a Safety Program."

Director of Quality

"Greg brings a unique combination of understanding large organizations and projects, on a technical level, and the more subjective and equally important leadership and organizational elements (the human side.) Greg has excelled in helping companies in their journey to develop a culture of care and concern, and a recognition that all accidents are avoidable."

James Ellington, M+W Group

"You gave us the inspiration and the tools. You are changing the world. What you are doing is making a huge difference. Our people are happier working here as a result. This would not have been possible without your help. "

Manufacturing Executive

“The workshop I attended touched me deeply, like very, very few events have in the past. As a result, I am re-invested in my company. This has the potential to change the organization and the way we do business."

Aerospace Executive

"When I first heard about working with a consultant, I was concerned. I have come to see your consultants as passionate, talented and patient. I see light bulbs going off everywhere and seeing folks acting and behaving differently."

Director of Safety

We write for individuals who are passionate, yet feel frustrated by bureaucracy, politics and roadblocks that stand in their way . From leaders to entry level, you know you can do better. We show you how.

Culture change: you’ve got what you need to get started.
You don’t need tools, systems or programs to get started on culture change. You’ve already go everything you need to understand and influence the way people think, talk and act. The trick? Conversation.

Andy Erickson

Developing front-line leaders: miracles, moves and moments
Stop trying to find leaders and start identifying the moves you want to promote within your organization. Here's how.
  • Andy Erickson
This is what I do
My own version of a rock-and-roll band playing an "acoustic set": no website, no case studies, no graphics, footnotes or search engine optimization. Just a simple description of what I do.

Andy Erickson

Organizational "rituals": make yours matter
The things we do most often are least effective. Our regular meetings and reviews are "rituals" and they should reinforce the mindset and culture we want within our team.
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