At Humanus Solutions we offer a one-day Align and Commit Workshop to jump-start culture change efforts by getting everyone engaged in making a few small but high-leverage changes in daily behavior. We accomplish this by inviting all field leaders to participate: we usually ask for “foremen and above”. 

You can do this yourself by engaging your team in the right conversations. Here are seventeen conversation-worthy questions to help you get started.

Getting the right people involved:

  • Who has the most influence on the way other people think, feel and act?
  • Which positions or roles “cast the longest shadow” – affect the experience of others?
  • Which individuals to team-members look to and follow – due to their seniority, personality, experienced, etc.?

Getting committed to the change:

  • What’s the change we need to make? Why is it important? What’s at stake?
  • Why does this matter to you as a person (rather than a manager or supervisor)?
  • Pretend you’re explaining this to your spouse or kids – how would you describe what we’re up to and why it’s important?

Getting aligned on a critical few “moves”:

  • If a miracle happened and this change happened overnight, how would we know? What would we see the next morning that would indicate something had changed?
  • What do we want people to do differently (focus on visible actions)?
  • Who are the “bright spots” in our organization – the people who don’t have this problem? What do they do differently (focus on visible actions)?
  • What’s a small, visible action we can each take, every day, to demonstrate our commitment and encourage others to change?

Getting aligned on a critical few “rituals”:

  • What are the activities, meetings, processes that involve the most people, the most often? Which meetings do we have every day or every week? 
  • Which activities involve all employees (e.g. orientations, town-hall meetings, etc.)
  • How can we use these activities to promote this change?
  • If this change were the most important thing around here, how would we do these activities differently?

Follow through:

  • How’s it going with the “moves” and “rituals” we discussed?
  • What have you learned from this process?
  • Who are you bringing along or engaging in this process?

Interested in learning more? Ready to get your team Aligned and Committed to making big changes through small moves? We’re ready to help. 

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About the author: Andy Erickson is a fouder and principal consultant at Humanus Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in people-centric leadership. He can be reached at