We write for individuals who are passionate, yet feel frustrated by bureaucracy, politics and roadblocks that stand in their way . From leaders to entry level, you know you can do better. We show you how.
Culture change: you’ve got what you need to get started.
You don’t need tools, systems or programs to get started on culture change. You’ve already go everything you need to understand and influence the way people think, talk and act. The trick? Conversation.

Andy Erickson

Developing front-line leaders: miracles, moves and moments
Stop trying to find leaders and start identifying the moves you want to promote within your organization. Here's how.
  • Andy Erickson
It's time to take on what you've been tolerating
It can be scary, but when we take on something we've tolerated, we show our commitment to our organization, our team and ourselves: we lead... and invite others to do the same.

Andy Erickson

Five habits that 'create safety'
Most workplaces feature a set of 'cardinal rules' that protect workers. I'd like to propose five 'cardinal habits' that create a safer workplace.

Andy Erickson

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