Every leader, no matter how accomplished or seasoned, faces uncertainty and self-doubt.  I call these ‘now what!?’ moments.
  • After a sudden set-back or reversal
  • In the face of a new requirement for unprecedented performance
  • Following a realization that things don’t work the way you thought
At moments like these it’s tempting to look ‘away’ – outside our selves or our team – to explain the shortfall and find a solution.
  • It’s the process that needs to change
  • It’s our tools and technology that must improve
  • It’s them – that department, that group, that person – holding us back
Now what!?’ moments offer the opportunity to look within – at ourselves and how we relate to our work and our team – to find the solutions.  At Humanus Solutions, we work with clients in a variety of industries – but no matter the setting, we challenge our clients to examine five aspects of themselves and their leadership.
  1. Mindset: the capacity to lead begins with your relationship to the challenge at hand.  Powerful leaders choose a powerful attitude:  I am responsible; this is possible; I am committed.
  2. Mission: the ability to enroll others is based the sense of meaning, purpose and belonging you can offer.  The best leaders can articulate what they are up to and why it mattersto them and their team.
  3. Relationships: access to the knowledge and commitment of others is determined by your ability to understand and be understood by them. Great leaders invest in relationships with people vital to their success.
  4. Habits: credibility in the eyes of others is determined by the example you set—especially during routine, daily activities. The most effective leaders demonstrate their mindset, values and commitments in every-day activities.
  5. Rituals: sustaining the effort and attention of a team requires regular, recurring, designed conversations. Strong leaders use daily / weekly / monthly meetings, reviews, assessment and check-ins to reinforce habits, deepen relationships, focus on the mission and promote the mindset.
Marshall Goldsmith said, “What got you here won’t get you there.”  Moments of doubt and uncertainty – moments that cause us to ask ourselves, ‘now what!?’ – offer a hidden gift:  the chance to look within ourselves for the answers that lead to breakthroughs. Interested in learning more?  Facing a ‘now what!?’ leadership moment ?  We’re ready to help.  About the author: Andy Erickson is a founder and principal consultant at Humanus Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in people-centric leadership. He can be reached at aerickson@humanus-solutions.com