Get them talking How often do you pick up your tools and work with your crew?
Keep them talking What’s the pay-off of working beside your team… of showing them “you’ve still got it”? Is there a downside?  What’s the problem with doing this too often? What gets in the way of you picking up tools and working with your team? What could you do to make it easier to do this?
Points to consider One of the best ways for foremen to “set the pace” is to pick up their tools and work beside their team-members. This is especially useful when your team is inexperienced – the best way to teach someone is to do the work beside him or her.  This also gives you a good chance to assess the skills and knowledge of new team members. It’s important to strike a balance – a foreman who is perceived as a “clipboard jockey” often loses respect; but a foreman who neglects planning or administrative tasks because they’re turning a wrench also creates problems.