Get them talking How’s the housekeeping in your area?  What are the connections between housekeeping and safety?
Keep them talking What’s the “trick” to maintaining housekeeping on a jobsite? Where do visitors (and clients!) enter your work area…  what do they see?  What message does the condition of that area send? Be honest: what sort of example do you set when it comes to housekeeping? What are some tasks, tools or equipment that make it harder for your crew to keep their work areas clean? What have you learned about holding people accountable for things that are up to everyone?  How do you keep people on the hook for responsibilities the team shares?
Points to consider Someone once said, “The way you do something, is the way you do everything.”  If a crew is careless with their tools, or doesn’t clean-as-they-go, chances are they’re equally careless about safety and quality standards. The way an area looks sends a strong message: this is how we roll here; this is they type of behavior we expect.  If we tolerate a disorganized gangbox, it tells the crew we’ll tolerate other types of poor performance.
Learn more The Disney company focuses on housekeeping as a way to make sure employees focus on details in everything they do.