Get them talking Who has joined your crew recently?  Are they “part of the team” yet?  How can you make it easier for them to connect with the crew?
Keep them talking What extra safety hazards do new folks face? How can me make it easier for them to ask for help… and for others on the crew to look out for them? How do you connect with new people on your team?  How do you get others to connect with them? What percentage of your crew is “new”?  How would you rate the communication between members of your team?  Are people open and willing to speak up?
Points to consider When people join a new team, they are more likely to take shortcuts, and less likely to ask questions.  This can be a recipe for disaster. We’ve got all sorts of barriers and barricades to keep us safe on our job sites – but barriers to communication get us into trouble.  Anything that gets in the way of someone saying, “I don’t understand” or “I need help” is a safety issue!
Learn more This report describes how a carpenter was killed on a jobsite. Do you think he was “part of the team” on this crew?   Do you think anyone spoke up to him… or that he listened?