Get them talking What ‘rework’ does your team do regulalry?  What are the few mistakes we make that cost us most time and effort?
Keep them talking What mistakes does your crew make that has you say, “Oh man!  Not this again!?” What do the best ‘craftsmen’ on your crew do differently than the rest of the folks?  Why are they able to do good work consistently? What are two or three simple checks your people could do whenever they finish a task?  How can we get people to do these things? What are some tasks you mess up regularly?  What would it take for you to eliminate these mistakes? What could you and I do to set a better example – to model what it looks like to check work before finishing?
Points to consider Remember the ‘pareto principle’ – 20% of the causes account for 80% of the effects.  In other words, most of our rework is probably caused by a few mistakes. It can be useful to pick one or two common defects or mistakes and challenge your crew to eliminate them.  Remind your team, “It’s a pain in the butt when we have to redo this work… so what can each of us do to make sure this mistake doesn’t happen”
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