Get them talking How do you handle “prima donnas” – people who are good at their job, but bad for the team?
Keep them talking Do you have someone you’d just as soon let go, except for the fact that they do such good work?  How do you know when it’s time to bite the bullet and do what’s right for the team? What conversations have you had with that person?  Have you told them how frustrated you are with their behavior? What are your “bottom-line”, “non-negotiable” expectations – the behaviors you won’t tolerate from anyone? What’s one small thing you could do today to resolve this situation – by developing other’s skills so your are less reliant on this individual… or having a tough conversation with the ‘prima donna’?
Points to consider It may be tough to imagine what you’ll do without you star player… but here’s the thing: if that person won the lottery and quit work, you’d figure it out.  You’d have no choice.  No one is too valuable to replace! Anti-team behavior like bullying, gossiping, insolence, etc. brings the whole team down – and makes your job harder. Nothing ruins morale quicker than a “double-standard”.  The best leaders have clear, consistent expectations, and expect all team members to meet them.
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