Get them talking What’s the most important part of your job?  What are the few things you must do in order to be successful?
Keep them talking Which of those things are you really good at? Which ones do you need to work on? What gets in the way of doing these “most important” things each day? How do you make sure you stay focused on doing the stuff that really matters?
Points to consider The best leaders know the difference between tasks that are “urgent” and tasks that are “important”. Each day we’re given all sorts of urgent tasks: do this right away, get that done by lunch, we’re behind on that other thing.  These tasks are “urgent” — they have to be done soon.  But these tasks are rarely the “important” ones — the keys to long-term success. The best leaders set time aside each day to do the “important things”: planning work, teaching and coaching people, communicating information, taking care of yourself and your team. Think about it: how many of the fire-fighting tasks you have to do today were caused by some forgetting to do one of these “important” tasks? Here’s the thing: we don’t get to choose which tasks we do or don’t do.  We need to get them all done!  But it’s important that we focus our attention where it matters – on the “important” tasks.
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Andy Erickson, Humanus Solutions,