Get them talking What’s going well lately?
Keep them talking What are you feeling good about? What’s something you or your crew has accomplished, figured out or gotten better at? Does this question seem strange?  Why do we tend to talk more about problems than successes? Do you have conversations like this with your team?  What would the pay-off be for getting folks to talk about what’s going well?
Points to consider If you’re running a crew, you spend your day solving problems; you were probably promoted, in part, because of your problem solving skills.  That’s great, but after a while all we see are the problems!  We tend to ignore things that are going well. Think about the “complainers” in your life — the folks who are always moaning about how bad things are.  It has an effect on them — and the people around them. If you lead a crew, you can’t afford to bring your team down like that. There’s an old saying: when I see it I’ll believe it.  But the flip-side of that is also true: when I believe it I’ll see it.  We notice and focus on things that confirm our beliefs.  The best way to be a better leader, and build a stronger crew is believing you’re a good leader / crew. Pausing to reflect on everything that’s going right helps reduce the stress that comes with being a leader.  It’s easy to talk about how awful things are… but there’s good news too!  Take time to notice it.
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Andy Erickson, Humanus Solutions,