Get them talking How does the way you do your job affect our company’s bottom-line?
Keep them talking How do construction companies make (or lose) money?  If you were explaining it to your kid, what would you say? How does the job you do affect whether or not we make money? What are the two or three most-critical things you each day or week that make a difference to the bottom line? What can I do to help you learn more about our business and how our performance affects it?
Points to consider There are many types of projects and contracts, with different costs and incentives for contractors.  But for the most part, contractors make money by being productive.  If a task was bid at 1,000 hours, and we do it in 900, we make money. Foremen contribute in two big ways — first, by sharing their expertise and making sure the bid is correct.  Second, by finding ways to help their crews be productive.  No-one has a bigger impact on crew productivity than foremen! This doesn’t mean cracking the whip or pushing people.  Rushing often leads to mistakes that have to be corrected later on, which undermines productivity. The best foremen plan their work carefully and make sure crews have what they need, when they need it.  They anticipate potential delays and or problems and address them before they occur.  And they help their teams work steadily and safely by assigning tasks, setting clear expectations, and providing coaching along the way,
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