Get them talking How could someone get killed on this jobsite?
Keep them talking What can we do to help people “stay awake” to this risk? Why is it useful to think about this question?  How does it get us to think about safety differently? Our industry has become safer and safer over the years.  Does this make safety harder? Over the past ten or fifteen years, our industry has seen a big reduction in “minor” injuries.  But the rate of serious injuries and fatalities hasn’t gone down.  Why do you think that is?
Points to consider Our industry is safer than ever, in part, because we no longer tolerate any level of injury.  We pay attention to incidents that might have been ignored twenty years ago – slips, pinches, strains, cuts.  But sometimes, focusing on “small stuff” has us ignore the bigger risks we face! Thinking about how someone might lose and arm, or how several people could get killed in a single incident refocuses and recalibrates our attention. We talk to our crews about safety every day, and push them to eliminate hazards.  This has them think about the work they do… the equipment they use.   But if we’re not careful, we may wind up ignoring very real risks posed by other crews. Despite our progress in safety, our industry still has a pretty “macho” culture.  On some crews, you’ll still get labeled as a ‘safety nerd’ if you speak up about safety!  But when we think about people getting killed, or losing a limb, it’s usually pretty easy to overcome peer pressure.
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