Get them talking Do you “huddle” with your crew in the morning?  How did it go today?  What’s your goal for these meetings?
Keep them talking What topics do you cover in your morning meeting? How do you make sure people are awake and enaged? What do you do when folks zone out? Who do you know who runs morning meetings really well?  What do they do to make them so good?
Points to consider The best leaders have a brief, but effective meeting with their team each morning. Keep the meetings short: hammer on a few key points. Keep the energy up – be positive: praise the crew for the progress they’re making, call out people who did good work yesterday. Find ways to get other people involved: ask your lead hands to say a few words; if someone new has joined the team, ask them to introduce themselves; call on individual members of the crew and ask them for their reaction to the subject you’re discussing. Praise and encourage people who raise their hands and ask questions. If no one says anything, chances are no one is listening!   If there are announcements to be read, ask someone else to do the reading (make sure this person is comfortable doing this).  You chime in and repeat the message in your own words.   It’s always a good idea to start and end the meeting talking about safety.
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