Get them talking Tell me about your morning routine.  What do you do in the morning to set yourself and your team up for success?
Keep them talking How early do you get to work?  Does that give you enough time to get ready for the day? What do you do to review your plan for the day and prepare for your tailgate meeting? Do you walk your work area before the day starts? Who do you check in with each morning? Who do you know who has a really good morning routine?  What could we learn from them?
Points to consider The best foremen “park the car pointing downhill” – that is, before they leave work at the end of shift, they make a plan for the start of next day. The best foremen get to work early – and they follow a routine: ·      (If applicable) Tie in with the previous shift… or read the shift hand-over notes. ·      Walk their area and confirm progress, conditions, housekeeping ·      Review the plan for the day and prepare assignments. ·      Review emails, safety bulletins or other announcements that must be shared with the crews. ·      Coordinate with other foremen or support team members. ·      Get to the crew meeting area a few minutes early and greet / mingle / chat with the crew as they arrive. On some projects, foremen and superintendents fall into a competition to see who can show up the earliest each morning.  If this works for you, great, but don’t sacrifice sleep just to win a pissing contest with your peers!  Show up early enough to get yourself prepped…  but no earlier.
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