Get them talking Does your team ever knock off too early before break or end-of-shift?  How do you handle that?
Keep them talking What’s your expectation of your crew: when do you expect them to stop working and start cleaning up?  Have you told them that? Are you in your work area at the end of shift?  What about just before lunch?  If not, what gets in the way of you being there? What do you do when members of the crew “push” it… begin closing up shop just a bit earlier…  what do you say to them?
Points to consider This is one of the most common situations a foreman faces, and it can be uncomfortable. Here are some things that help: –       Set a clear expectation! Tell your crew exactly what time you expect them to put down their tools and start cleaning up.  Until you make your standard clear to everyone, you’ll struggle to hold people accountable. –       Be in the area!  Plan your day so your with your crew before break and at the end of shift. –       Say something!  If someone knocks off early, speak to him or her about it.   Similarly, when people put in extra effort, speak to them too! –       Keep notes!  Document your conversations in your notebook.  If you decide to write someone up, having a written record will be helpful. –       Let your lead hands know you expect them to support you in this… and work with them to develop an approach that works for both of you (good-cop / bad-cop). Tom Landry, former coach of the Dallas Cowboys said, “You Get what you demand.  You Encourage what you tolerate.”
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