Get them talking What’s a part of your job that you’ve mastered – like, you could teach others how to do it? What’s part of your job you’re still figuring out?
Keep them talking Think about the parts of your job that you’re good at:  why are you good at those things?  What do those things have in common? How did you learn to do these things?  Was it from a class, on-the-job-training, or just figuring it out yourself? Based on your experience getting good at these things, what’s the best approach for teaching new skills to people on your crew? What’s a part of the job you don’t do well: what’s the issue?  What would help?
Points to consider Adults often have a tougher time learning new skills than kids do.  Adults learn best when:
  • The training is timely.  As in: they need to learn this now!
  • The training is relevant.  As in: the want to learn this.
  • They have control.  As in: they can go faster, slower or stop to ask questions when they like.
If you think about it, most classroom training fails all three counts! Chances are, if you’re good at something, you wanted to learn to do it and doing it was useful, or even fun. If there’s a skill you need to learn, start by thinking about why you want to learn how to do this… what’s in it for you?  Think about how and when you will use the new skill.  And take charge of the training – make them stop if you need help, ask questions, make sure your trainer sets you up for success!
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