Get them talking How are we doing on this project?  Are we on-track?  Are we making or losing money?
Keep them talking Maybe you don’t really know… that’s okay!  But what’s your best guess? Where do you get information about project performance?  Do we talk about the business side of our work often enough? How do you affect the business performance of our projects… of our company?  How do you contribute to the bottom line. What information would be useful to you?  What parts of the business would you like to learn more about?
Points to consider We count on foremen to ensure productivity, efficiency and profitability (along with safety, quality, morale, compliance, etc.).  But how often do we share business-related performance information with them? Have we done enough to make sure they understand our business and how they contribute to the bottom line? Some foremen would just as soon not know about this information.  This may be because they’re not interested – but it may be because they don’t want to be responsible for doing something about it! If we want our foremen to help our companies and project succeed, we must share information with them regularly!
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