Get them talking What training does your crew need?  What’s a ‘skill gap’ within your team?
Keep them talking Is there a task or process that only one or two people know how to do? Is there a piece of equipment that only one person knows how to operate? What are some ways we could make work go better by teaching people new skills?
Points to consider It’s up to foremen to get things done… to make sure the work happens.  But the best foremen understand the importance of developing their crew – of making sure they’ve got the right people with the right skills on the team. When we’re under pressure to get a job done, it’s tempting to assign the work to the same people who always do it – the people who are good at that task.  But in the long run, it’s often better to give others a chance to learn new tasks… even if it may take a bit longer in the short run. Think about some times when you’ve had to wait for someone on your crew to be available to do a certain task or use a certain tool.  What can you do to make sure other folks can do this task in the future?