Get them talking What’s your goal for your crew this week?
Keep them talking If we asked your crew, would they know what the goal is? How did you set that goal?  Do you involve your crew in the process? What’s your planning process like? Do you have a goal for next week? Do you have goals that don’t involve production – maybe goals for quality or housekeeping?
Points to consider The best foremen think one day, one week, one month ahead of whatever work their crew is doing – this is the only way to make sure your team has the materials and information it needs to be successful. Crews are more likely to buy-in to goals when they feel they have a part in setting them.  Asking your crew what they think or how they would approach a task is usually a good idea. Setting production-oriented goals for a crew is a “double-edged sword” – in some situations, it’s motivating: it gets people to work harder. But it can also pressure people into rushing, cutting corners and making mistakes. Many foremen have goals in mind, but tell their crews to focus on working safely and efficiently each day, and let production take care of itself.
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