Get them talking How are you? How is COVID-19 affecting you and your family?
Keep them talking What about your crew?  How are they doing? What can we do to help people deal with distractions and stay focused on hazards here on the job? There’s a lot of talk about “social distancing”.  Are you doing anything to reduce the risk of crew members spreading the virus? No one knows what the next few weeks or months hold – but is there anything we can do to support and reassure our teammates?
Points to consider The COVID-19 virus seems to be bringing our country, and the world, to a standstill. People may not be worried about getting sick themselves — but many folks are worried about elderly or ill family members; many are worried about how the pandemic will affect their jobs; and many are hearing rumors and political positions that only increase the level of anxiety. The chances of people being distracted on the job are very high! Your job as a front-line leader is to:
  • Help your crew stay focused and safe.
  • Represent your company and pass on information handed down from your bosses.
  • Lend an ear and support folks, but don’t let panic-mongering or political debates distract your team.
No one knows what the next few weeks and month hold – so take care of yourself, your family and help your teams do the same.
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