Get them talking What’s your motto?  If you had to choose a phrase or quote that summed up how you work / live, what would it be?
Keep them talking Do you know anyone who has a motto – or a “thing” they say all the time? Why is it be useful to have a motto?  What’s the upside?  Is there a downside? Many military units have motto’s – what would you want your team’s  motto to be? What could you do to keep your motto “front and center” – is there a place you could write or display it?
Points to consider This seems like a strange question – who has a “motto” for Pete’s sake – but most folks have a handful of slogans, quotes or bible verses that guide their daily actions. We spend so much time talking about who needs to do what by when– it’s useful to take a moment and talk about why we do things, or how we think things should be done.  That’s the intention of this question. Getting people to think about a “motto” helps shift them from a reactive / victim mindset to one where they are personally responsible and intentional.
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