Get them talking Who is your customer?  We know who our company’s customers are… but what about you, personally?
Keep them talking Another way to ask it: what do you spend most of your time doing and who do you do it for? Are your customers satisfied with your work?  How do you know? Who are your suppliers?  How often do you let them know how they’re doing?
Points to consider Unless you know exactly who your customer is and exactly what makes them happy or unhappy, you’re at risk of losing business.  This applies to individuals and departments as well as companies. It’s pretty easy to figure out who a company’s customers are: who places orders and sends money?  And at a department or function level, we generally know who is “next in line” in our process. But this question is tougher for individuals – most of us have lots of customers!  Our crews rely on us for information, direction, materials, etc.  The folks in the office rely on us for time-sheet and attendance information, for progress and quantity reports, for RFI’s.  And we often interact with the “real” customer – the folks who are paying our company. It’s useful to think of yourself as a company within your company: if you do a great job supporting your customers, you and your company are far more likely to succeed.