Get them talking: How have you been affected by safety?  Have you, or some you know, been involved in an accident on or off the job? Keep them talking: How did the experience affect you?  How did it change the way you work, or drive… or do certain tasks? Have you told that story to our team before?  Would you be willing to talk about what happened — and how we can avoid it in the future — at our next crew meeting? Points to consider: Most of us have seen speakers or watched videos involving stories of horrible accidents.  Stories like these are effective because we imagine it’s us having the accident or our family getting the call afterwards. But we don’t need to wait for a professional speaker to come to site — there are people all around us who have “safety stories” to share.  If we make the time to ask, we’ll be surprised by the stories we hear! When you find someone with a story, ask them to share it.  Encourage them to say what happened, but also make sure they talk about the effect the incident had — what it felt like, how it was for coworkers and family, the lasting memories or physical limitations etc.  The events of the story are important, but the emotion is what makes it memorable. Any time you hear a safety story, be sure to follow up with the question: what can we learn from this story?  How can we make sure it never happens again? Learn More: Your brain on story-telling