Get them talking: How do you get your crew to focus — and think about safety — before they go to work? Keep them talking: What gets in the way of people thinking about safety when they start their work in the morning? What are some tasks or situations where you tend to get-right-to-it… without pausing first?  What are some tasks where you have no trouble remembering to take a breath and check yourself before going to work? Points to consider: We are surrounded by potential hazards and risks… but the biggest risks occur between our ears! The best craftsmen pause before picking up their tools — it may not take more than a few seconds, but they consider what they’re about to do, and what could go wrong. Mornings can be tough — people may be distracted or unfocused.  There’s often a bit of pressure to “hurry up and get going”.   Remember slow is smooth and smooth is fast!  Encourage your crews to get set up and ready to go…  but pause before going to work.