Get them talking: What’s a task you wish your crew would do faster?   What’s something you wish they’d do more slowly and carefully? Keep the them talking: How do you influence the way your crew works?  It’s one thing to tell people what to do, or teach someone how to do a new task… but getting our team to work differently — faster, slower — is different? When you are / were “on the tools”, who set the pace or work tempo for the team?  How did they do it?  Did they say, “Go faster” or “Slow down”… or was there something else going on? Points to consider: Making sure a crew knows what to do is pretty straight-forward, but influencing how they work is harder — and yet it’s the way our crews work that make all the difference to safety, quality and productivity. On most crews, there are one or two “informal leaders” — people the rest of the team watch for cues about “how we roll here”.  Knowing who these people are, and engaging them is critical. Simply telling people, “Go faster” or “slow down” doesn’t do the trick.  It’s helpful to explain why you want them to do it. The example you set is vital — if you move slowly or spend more time b–s–ing than working, your team will do the same.