Get them talking: What do you think of our foreman meetings? Keep them talking: What do you remember about our last one? Are you looking forward to our next one? What could we do to make these meetings more useful to you? Points to consider: No-one is more important to the performance of our company and our projects than our frontline leaders.  And no-one has a bigger effect on our people’s safety, morale and culture than foreman and lead hands.  And yet, we often short-change these folks when it comes to leadership training and development! Foreman meetings can be a great time to talk about how the business is doing, how our crews are doing, how we are doing and what we can do better or how we can help each other. But it’s not just up to the boss to make these meetings work!  Just as we want folks on our crews to speak up with good ideas or point out safety hazards, we’re each responsible for making our foreman meetings go well! What information do you need?  What conversations would be helpful?  What’s some quick training or coaching you’d like to see us include in our meeting? How can we make our foreman meetings better? Learn more: