Get them talking:

What data or “metrics” are most important to and useful to you?

What information do you use to understand how your team is doing, and how they’re contributing to the overall project?

Keep them talking:

Where do you get your information? Do you get it often enough?

What’s some information you’re show that you don’t understand very well? What can I do to help explain it?

What information would you want if you could get it?

Points to consider:

For young foremen, simply keeping the crew busy is a success. But if we want foremen to develop into construction leaders we need to make sure they understand our business.

The best leaders share information with the folks who work for them — they show their team the data used to measure progress and efficiency. Even if your team may not need to do their job, sharing the information helps them see the bigger picture.

If you share “metrics” at your foremen’s meetings, be sure to take time to discuss how foremen can use the information themselves. It’s not enough to just show the charts — or even show the charts and talk about them; take the time to have conversations with your foremen to make sure they understand what you’re showing them.