The way you start the shift matters!

You can learn a great deal about someone by watching how they start their day. The same applies for teams. The way a team leader runs the start-of-shift meeting sets the tone for the day. That’s why it’s so important for senior managers and leaders to start their days out in the field, or on the shop floor, sitting in on crew meetings.

We coach clients to watch and listen for HOW things are said as well as WHAT is said. Here are five of the most important items we look for.

  1. Do people shake hands and greet each other before the meeting?
  2. How many different people speak during the meeting? Does the leader share speaking duties and call on people to participate?
  3. How often does the group laugh?
  4. When safety is discussed is the focus on filing paperwork and complying with rules, or on identifying risks and reducing them?
  5. Is the crew given feedback — on their own progress as well as the “big picture”?

Circle back with the team leader later in the day and discuss what you saw and heard. Few of these folks have had training in public speaking or facilitation and when approached correctly, they welcome input and coaching. Start by asking how THEY thought the meeting went. Share what you saw (and didn’t see) and ask how you can help the leader make changes.

If your organization is going to invest time and money in start-of-shift meetings, make sure they are done right!

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