Growing the Individual and the Team

Woman in hair net in a factory

“Leadership development” often refers to some form of training. But ‘training’ when delivered as a stand-alone activity is usually sterile and ineffective; it rarely leads to lasting change back on the job. Leadership development in the context of overcoming a genuine, pressing organizational challenge is far more effective and impactful. It offers participants a change to develop new ways of thinking, test new approaches to situations, and connect with team-members engaged in the same struggle. Rather than viewing ‘leadership development’ as part of your training program, we recommend including it as part of your company’s response to its most pressing challenges.

Not training… development

Darkened classrooms, dull PowerPoint slides, and dry lectures won’t cut it. We base our approach on the principles of adult education: we make it personal, relevant and interactive. Our programs are dynamic and engaging: we get people talking… because that’s the best way to get them thinking.

Candid, actionable feedback

We begin every leadership development program with the Leadership Circle Profile. This 360-degree feedback tool provides specific, actionable and statistically information that helps leaders leverage strengths and avoid blind spots.

Build individual and collective capacity

When one person increases their leadership ability, it may make a difference ‘locally’, but overall performance is determined by the capacity of the whole team. Our Coaching Program for executives and senior managers involves individual and team sessions. Our Front-line Leader Development Program for supervisors and safety professionals is designed around ‘cohort learning’. By engaging individuals and teams, we increase communication, commitment and performance.

Focus on action

In our experience, “it’s easier to act your way into new thinking, than think your way into new actions.” Participants in our programs develop “keystone habits” – small, but high-leverage changes in their daily behaviors that increase influence, effectiveness and capacity for leadership.

No extra work

Your people are already too busy; more work or new meetings won’t stick. We focus on helping leaders do the things they already do – your “rituals” – better: team-meetings that engage; administrative reports without pencil-whipping; employee reviews that make a difference.


New behavior sticks when the boss expects it to stick. Our programs engage participants managers, preparing them to reinforce and reward the new behaviors back on the job. And we engage senior executives to ensure visible, sustained commitment “from the top”.