Foundation for Success

Nothing saps an organization’s energy like tension between senior leaders. Similarly, nothing ensures a venture’s success more than visible alignment and mutual support at the top of the house. Whether you are managing a multi-company project, a joint venture between competitors, or a merger of companies with long histories and strong cultures, Humanus Solutions can help create alignment, commitment and leadership at all levels.

Make ‘it’ discussable

The toughest issues to resolve are those that are difficult to discuss. When uncomfortable topics are ‘discussable’, they’re solvable, so we start with a candid conversation about ‘what’s so’. We begin every engagement with a Leadership Perception Assessment that engages each leader and team members from every department, to surface concerns, opportunities, issues and strengths and put even the most difficult issues ‘on the table’.

A shared, energizing mission

Misalignment of goals lies behind most leadership dysfunction. Our Align and Commit Workshop facilitates a candid conversation about each stakeholder’s needs and intentions; we work with teams to select a shared goal – a mission that is bold, compelling and challenging enough to require team members to set aside business as usual, and find new ways of working together. More importantly, participants align on a critical few actions each person will take each day to accomplish the mission.

Clear expectations and on-going conversation

Breakdowns, conflict and disappointment are inevitable in any collaborative effort. Through our Stakeholder Expectations Process leaders align on what they can count on from one another, personally and functionally; more importantly they establish a process to sustain the alignment by sharing feedback and addressing breakdowns rapidly.

Leadership through daily behaviors

It’s up to leaders to make their alignment and mutual support visible to the whole team. Our Individual and Team Coaching Processes develop leaders’ capacities to influence others through their daily actions: the way they speak, the questions they ask, and what they pay attention to. By ensuring daily activities like stand-up meetings and project reviews reinforce the share mission, leaders bring the rest of the team into the partnership.

Rinse and repeat

One workshop or offsite is unlikely to lead to sustained change. Our Project Handoff process ensures alignment behind the mission, clarity of expectations and commitment to daily leadership is sustained throughout every phase of the venture. Members of the Humanus Solutions team had long careers in aerospace, semiconductors, construction and medicine before becoming consultants. As consultants, we have worked with leaders on mega-projects around the globe, in oil & gas, mining, medicine and large capital construction projects. We know what works because we’ve done it before. How can we help you?