Everyone Is Responsible for No One Getting Hurt

There is no better way to engage employees, develop leadership, and create a culture of personal responsibility than undertaking the elimination of worker injury. Ironically, safety efforts that focus on compliance and risk management have unintended consequences, undermining responsibility and participation. Engaging people, and breakthrough results requires a people-centric approach to safety.

Perceptions Matter

Most safety efforts focus on behavior. We help leaders influence perceptions that drive behavior. We begin every engagement with a Safety Perception Assessment to understand how people at every level, function and site see, think and feel about the organization, leadership and the challenges of working safety every day. Understanding how safety is perceived equips leaders to influence how people behave.

Leadership at every level

Safety culture is driven from the top-down but it is fed from the bottom-up and sustained (or blocked) by people in the middle. Our Align and Commit Workshop engages all leaders within an organization – from the C-suite to the job-site – in a candid conversation about what’s so regarding safety. We help leaders articulate their personal commitment to the well being of every worker, and more importantly, align on a critical few actions that every leader will take every day to demonstrate and promote this commitment.

Develop high-leverage leaders

Two groups of leaders are vital to creating a strong safety culture. Our Individual and Team Coaching Processes develop senior-managers’ capacities to influence others through their daily actions: the way they speak, the questions they ask, and what they pay attention to. Our Front-line Leader Development Programs engage front-line leaders like foremen and safety professionals (as well as the people who manage these leaders); through classroom sessions and in-the-field coaching we develop their ability to influence team members by setting a good example, providing balanced feedback and holding people to account.

Make routine activities matter

An organization’s commitment to safety shows up in daily, weekly and monthly routines. We help organizations ensure daily team huddles, weekly safety meetings, new employee orientations, and post-incident reviews promote the organization’s commitment to safety and reinforce the desired mindset for all team members.